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10 Healthy Habits of Successful People

Many successful people have a few habits in common, but there is no magic button you can press to achieve success in life. Even though there have been countless studies and books written on the subject of how to be, do, or have anything you want in this lifetime, the foundation for a successful life isn’t set up to last unless you form certain habits first. What separates the good from the great are the daily decisions that successful people make. Only a small percentage of people have the habits and discipline to turn a $100 bill found on the street or an opportunity of a lifetime into gold.

Think about it… Think of someone who has achieved the success that you admire. This can be a close friend or family member, or it could be a well-known celebrity who appears to be having the time of their life. Do you think they are able to maintain their high levels of performance and effectiveness in the world by allowing each day to be thrown at them? There’s no way! People who achieve their goals have a clear sense of direction for how they spend their waking hours.

In no particular order, here are ten traits of successful people.

Invest in a good night’s sleep

Co-founder and editor in chief of The Huffington Post, Arianna Huffington says in her book, The Sleep Manifesto, that “a good day begins the night before.” One of the most effective things you can do for your health, happiness, and overall success is to get an adequate amount of uninterrupted sleep every night, even in a world where exhaustion is celebrated as a sign of productivity. Improved performance, happier dispositions, and sharper, clearer minds are all benefits of good sleep hygiene and getting enough sleep each night. You may have a different threshold for the minimum amount of sleep you need, despite the fact that most experts recommend 7-9 hours per night. Make getting enough sleep a top priority by being honest with yourself about how many hours per night you actually require.

Avoid snoozing in the morning by getting up early

It’s common knowledge that people who are successful have a habit of rising early in the morning in order to make the most of their time. Oprah Winfrey, Tony Robbins, and our very own Deepak Chopra are just a few of the world’s most influential early risers. They use the power of waking up early to practice routines like meditation, visualization, and physical exercise.

Furthermore, successful people don’t use the snooze button when they wake up in the morning. Hitting snooze tells your subconscious mind that you’re resisting the upcoming day, which is bad for your health and your mental well-being. People who are highly successful set their alarms for the early hours of the morning and accomplish more in the first few hours of the day than the majority of people do throughout the rest of the day.

Eat Healthily

People who are successful rely on the energizing properties of whole, nutritious foods to keep them going throughout the day. Life-affirming prana can be found in healthy eating habits such as never skipping breakfast and eating mostly plant-based foods.

In addition to many high-profile celebrities (such as Jennifer Lopez, Pharrell Williams, and Russell Brand), there are many others who choose to abstain from alcohol consumption out of a desire for better mental clarity and health. Everyone’s diet is unique, but a common denominator is an approach to food and hydration that enhances energy and productivity.

Relax in the Natural World

It is in our nature to seek out and appreciate the beauty of the natural world around us. Spending even just five minutes outside can have a positive effect on your nervous system, digestive system, and overall happiness.

People who spend at least two hours a week outside are shown to have the greatest benefits to their health and well-being by scientists recently. A successful person knows when to take a break, refuel their systems with fresh air, and get a dose of nature in their daily routine.

Every day, they must move their bodies

“If you don’t make time for exercise, you’ll probably have to make time for illness,” says best-selling leadership author Robin Sharma. Everyday exercise is a must-have for the world’s most successful people, which should come as no surprise. Self-confidence, a more positive outlook, stronger hearts, and improved mental sharpness are just some of the advantages of getting your heart rate up on a daily basis.

Make mindful movement a part of your daily routine and you’ll find yourself on the same level as Richard Branson, who credits his financial and business success to morning exercise.

Meditation is a great way to keep your mind at peace

Silence is a necessity for the successful. Spending time doing “nothing” may seem counterintuitive at first, but we now know that doing so on a regular basis has significant positive effects on our physical health, mental well-being, and outlook. In the words of Russell Simmons, Jerry Seinfeld, and the late Kobe Bryant, meditating daily is an essential part of their daily routines.

Meditating can help you discover the benefits of being alone with your thoughts and ideas.

Use Visualization to your advantage

The futures of successful people aren’t predicated on imagining disasters, but rather on the futures they want to create with their imaginations. To prepare for their best performances, top athletes use mental imagery to visualize themselves reaching their goals, winning the race, and crossing the finish line.

For those willing to set aside a few minutes each morning or night to “mentally rehearse” the pursuit of their most ambitious goals and intentions, best-selling author and motivational speaker Jack Canfield teaches that visualization isn’t just for athletes. Creative visualization can help you achieve the life of your dreams like Bill Gates, Jim Carrey, and Tiger Woods.

Keep Reading and Learning All the Time!

Bill Gates reads 50 books a year, while Warren Buffet reads 500 pages per day. Mark Cuban also reads for three hours each day. Despite their hectic schedules, the most affluent people find time to read. It’s a top priority for them.

Focus on your craft and passions instead of wasting time watching TV, scrolling through social media, or doing busy work. You can set yourself up for success by reading material that enriches your life and expands your horizons. Reading newspapers, magazines, blogs, or books is a great way to ensure that you’re among the world’s most successful people.

Make Meaningful Friendships

Is happiness a factor in your definition of success? Then you’re setting aside time for meaningful relationships with others, which is a key sign of contentment in positive psychology. The ability to connect authentically with others is one of the most valuable skills you can acquire, and successful people cultivate meaningful relationships.

You’ll feel better and be more productive if you regularly spend time with the people you care about instead of isolating yourself from the rest of the world in order to focus on writing your book or finishing your research. It’s important to maintain healthy social connections. Make time to meet with friends for meals or phone calls.

Identify with Their Purpose

To be successful, you must know why you do what you do and make sure your actions are in line with your purpose. Being busy is not enough. You must know why you do what you do. “You cannot be successful unless you understand your purpose,” writes author, pastor, and leadership consultant John Maxwell.

Life without a purpose is like getting in a car without any destination in mind. In order to know when you are on the right track, it is critical to be crystal clear about what matters most to you in your life, since success is such a subjective concept. Are you still unsure of your goal? To get the most out of your one wild and precious life, take some time to get your thoughts in order first.

In order to improve yourself and the world around you, take a hard look at your habits and daily routines. You can change the world by changing your habits.

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