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Best International High School in Japan for International Students

High school is the most important phase of any student’s life. This high school education is so crucial, as universities offer admissions based on high school performance. There are many Japan high schools. Some concentrate solely on studies, while others concentrate on the overall excellence of the students. 

You all know that the best universities do not just give importance to academics. They also give equal importance to school activities. So, in order to get into your dream university, you should focus on both academics and school activities as well. GIIS is one of the best schools in Tokyo, where they focus on students’ overall excellence. 

The article gives you a detailed explanation of why GIIS is the best Japan high school.

Global Indian International School, Tokyo

High School Curriculum

GIIS offers two types of curriculum to their students. One is CBSE, and the other is IBDP. CBSE curriculum is offered on the NishiKasai Campus, while IBDP curriculum is offered on the Higashi Kasai Campus.

GIIS offers a practical and experimental-based CBSE curriculum. The curriculum focuses on making students successful in their future. Their IBDP curriculum is mainly focused on the overall excellence of the students. This IBDP curriculum is considered by all the best universities like Harvard, Cambridge, etc. Keeping this in mind, GIIS provides the best high school education for the students.

9GEMS Framework

GIIS has its own unique framework for students to grow in all aspects. The framework focuses on students’ academics, sports, and also on their personality development. This framework is specially designed to encourage students to actively participate in all school activities. 

GIIS believes that students should grow in all aspects. So they organise events where students can participate in school activities and events. These activities and events help students discover new interests and explore their skills. This overall performance of the students during their high school years will help them at the time of university placements.

University Placements

GIIS’s IBDP curriculum mainly focuses on the students’ university placements. The school has career counsellors who help the students from the first year itself. The counsellors help the students get through the university essays, recommendation letters, and interviews.

In addition to that, GIIS organises an event called Edufair. The best universities in the world attend this event and offer acceptance letters and scholarships to the students.

High School Scholarships

One more great thing about GIIS is that it provides scholarships to its students. The scholarships are based on merit. They offer three different scholarships based on various criteria. These scholarships encourage and motivate students to study and perform better.

Faculty and Facilities

GIIS has a qualified and experienced teaching faculty. The faculty is well trained in modern teaching methods. GIIS believes in continuous learning. As a result, every year, the faculty goes through an 80-hour upskilling program. 

The class rooms in GIIS are fully digitalized. To educate students, the school makes the best use of technology. The school has fully functioning laboratories to help students gain practical knowledge.


GIIS is the best choice for your high school education among schools in Tokyo if you are particular about doing undergrad at your dream university. They provide everything you need to obtain a university acceptance letter from the university. The curriculum, facilities, and faculty at GIIS are all excellent and are designed to help you get into your dream university.

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