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Does Landstar Offer Health Insurance

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does landstar offer health insurance

Yes, Landstar does provide health insurance coverage, offering comprehensive plans tailored to meet your healthcare needs. At Landstar, they offer new BCOs the opportunity to choose coverage under the CPP (Contracted Protection Program) with either a $1,000,000 or $2,000,000 Combined Single Limit (CSL). It’s important to review the Evidence of Insurance for a more comprehensive understanding of the benefits associated with the CPP. To obtain this document, please reach out to your dedicated Gallagher Insurance Coordinator. Below, you’ll find a brief summary highlighting some of the key benefits offered by the CPP:

Determining Benefit Payments under the CPP

When it comes to the Contracted Protection Program (CPP), the total aggregate benefit available for Accidental Death and Dismemberment, Total Disability, and Medical Expenses will vary depending on the option chosen: $1,000,000 or $2,000,000.

It’s important to understand the order of payment within the CPP:

  1. Accident-Related Medical Expenses: This coverage is prioritized and will be paid first.
  2. Disability Income: Following medical expense coverage, disability income benefits will be considered for payment.
  3. Accidental Death and Dismemberment: Lastly, benefits related to accidental death and dismemberment will be addressed.

It’s crucial to note that benefit payments made under one coverage may impact the benefits payable under any other coverage. This means that the total amount paid out will not exceed the total aggregate benefit specified under the option you have selected.

Carefully review the details and terms of the CPP to ensure you have a comprehensive understanding of the benefit structure and limitations.

Assistance in the Event of Accidental Death

In the unfortunate event of Accidental Death occurring within 90 days of a covered occupational accident, and prior to reaching the age of 75, the CPP offers support to your beneficiaries. A flat sum of $75,000 will be provided to your designated beneficiary in such circumstances. However, for non-occupational accidents, the flat sum is $15,000.

Moreover, your spouse or eligible surviving dependents may be entitled to receive monthly survivor’s benefits. These benefits amount to $2,500 per month, with a maximum total survivor’s benefit of $225,000.

If your Accidental Death occurs while wearing your seat belt during a covered occupational accident, an additional $10,000 death benefit will be paid to your beneficiaries.

It is crucial to thoroughly review the terms and conditions outlined in the CPP to fully understand the scope and eligibility criteria for these Accidental Death benefits.

Support for Dismemberment or Paralysis Due to Occupational Accidents

In the unfortunate event of a covered occupational accident resulting in dismemberment or paralysis, the Contracted Protection Program (CPP) provides financial support. Depending on the circumstances, you may be entitled to receive an amount of up to $100,000 ($15,000 for non-occupational accidents).

The disbursement of this benefit will occur at a rate of $1,000 per month. It is important to carefully review the terms and conditions of the CPP to understand the specific criteria and requirements for eligibility to receive these benefits in cases of dismemberment or paralysis.

We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the complete details outlined in the CPP documentation to gain a comprehensive understanding of the coverage and benefits available to you.

Temporary Total Disability Income in the Event of Total Disability

In the unfortunate circumstance that you experience Total Disability within 180 days of a covered occupational accident, the Contracted Protection Program (CPP) provides support in the form of Temporary Total Weekly Disability Income. This benefit amounts to 75% of your weekly earnings, with a maximum weekly benefit of $500.

For the first 24 months, Temporary Total Disability is defined as the inability to continue your current occupation. Beyond that period, it is defined as disability from any occupation. The maximum disability benefit available is $300,000.

Additionally, for those enrolled in the $2,000,000 plan, an optional Coverage provides an increased Temporary Total Disability Income benefit of up to $600, based on 75% of your weekly earnings.

It is important to carefully review the terms and conditions outlined in the CPP documentation to understand the specific definitions, limitations, and optional coverages associated with Temporary Total Disability Income.

Coverage for Eligible Medical Expenses

Under the Contracted Protection Program (CPP), you will have coverage for eligible Medical Expenses resulting from a covered accident. This includes various expenses such as doctor’s fees, prescription drugs, ambulance services, chiropractic care (up to $1,000 per accident), and hospital costs.

It’s important to note that all benefits are subject to the limitations of usual and customary charges. The initial medical expenses must be incurred within 90 days of the accident to be eligible for coverage.

Furthermore, it’s important to understand that this coverage serves as excess over any other accident and/or health insurance plans you may have. Please review the detailed terms and conditions provided in the CPP documentation to gain a comprehensive understanding of the coverage, eligible expenses, and associated limitations.

Coverage for Pre-existing Conditions and Authorized Passengers

Regarding pre-existing conditions, as defined by the policy, they are covered up to a maximum of $25,000 for injuries resulting from covered occupational accidents. For non-occupational accidents, the coverage extends up to a maximum of $15,000 per accident.

In the case of authorized passengers, certain criteria must be met. These individuals are required to have completed a “Passenger Authorization” form and obtained approval from Landstar. Additionally, authorized passengers must be at least 18 years old and refrain from driving, loading, or unloading responsibilities.

For authorized passengers involved in a covered occupational accident with a Landstar Business Capacity Owner covered by the CPP, they are provided with a total coverage of up to $50,000 for accidental death, dismemberment, and medical expenses (with a maximum of $25,000 for medical expenses).

It’s crucial to carefully review the specific terms and conditions outlined in the policy documentation to fully understand the coverage limitations and requirements for pre-existing conditions and authorized passengers.

Insurance Carrier and Description of Coverage

The Contracted Protection Program (CPP) coverage is offered by different insurance carriers depending on the location. In the United States, CPP coverage is provided by the Zurich American Insurance Company. In Canada, coverage is provided by the American Home Assurance Company.

To access a Sample U.S. Description of Coverage, please click on the appropriate schedule below:

Please note that reviewing the Sample Description of Coverage will provide you with a better understanding of the specific details and terms associated with the CPP. It is recommended to review the actual policy documentation for comprehensive coverage information and any updates or changes that may apply.

Limitations and Exclusions of the CPP

It is important to be aware of the following limitations and exclusions associated with the Contracted Protection Program (CPP):

  • Medical treatment initiation: Medical treatment must be initiated within 90 days from the date of injury to be eligible for coverage.
  • Suicide and intentional self-inflicted injuries: Coverage does not extend to injuries resulting from suicide or intentionally self-inflicted actions.
  • Sickness or disease: The CPP does not provide coverage for sickness or disease-related conditions.
  • Intoxication or being under the influence: If the insured person was intoxicated or under the influence of substances at the time of the accident, the claim will not be covered.
  • Excess charges: Medical provider charges that exceed the usual, customary, and reasonable rates are not covered under the CPP.
  • Age restrictions: Enrollment in the plan is available for individuals over the age of 23 and under the age of 75.

It is essential to carefully review the complete terms and conditions outlined in the policy documentation to fully understand the limitations, exclusions, and eligibility criteria of the CPP.

Does Landstar Offer Health Insurance?

Yes, Landstar does provide health insurance coverage, offering comprehensive plans tailored to meet your healthcare needs.

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