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EpicCare Vs. Thrive: A comparative understanding. 

EpicCare and Thrive emr are two software that have a lot of buzz around them, and for a good reason too. They are both great software that aid all medical practitioners in one way or another. And seems like you are looking forward to making an addition of a computer ally for your work and to assist your workflow as well as your clients; in that case, this comparative list is all you need to hopefully help you gain a better insight into each software.

EpicCare EMR Software

An EMR system designed for major healthcare systems. EpicCare is meaningful use stage 1 and 2 certified. The software, which was founded, developed, and deployed by a tiny team in 1979, is currently used by over 250 million patients.

Personalized displays and dashboards are currently used by physicians all around the world to manage their day-to-day responsibilities, track payments, and streamline workflow. Screens and workflow can be easily and quickly changed to meet the needs of the provider and the practice. Modules and resources for any requirement and practice size are available.

EpicCare EMR Features

Independent research

EpicCare has also assisted physicians in immediately integrating research findings into clinical settings. With the Epic EMR system, they can conduct independent research and recruit volunteers for their study more readily.

Mobile application

Its portable mobile application has significantly boosted patients’ comfort and convenience while also increasing overall revenue. Physicians can communicate with their patients from anywhere, at any time, without sacrificing the quality of care.

My Chart

EpicCare EMR’s MyChart function is essentially a convenient tool for patient portals. It has various features, such as appointment booking for COVID Vaccination and displaying all of your health-related information in one window, such as appointments, billing, test results, and prescription. Secure medical record sharing across several platforms. Appointments are made instantly.

EpicCare EMR Pricing and Demo

Pricing for Epic EMR plans ranges from $200 to $500 per provider. It is possible to inquire about it while making contact. When contacting the vendor, a free Epic emr demo can be requested.

EpicCare EMR Reviews

The hospital employees that are involved in the day-to-day operation of the hospital are the primary users. Because the software covers a wide range of activities and expertise, its users are as diverse as the department it serves.

Thrive EHR Software

For many years, Healthland has provided dedicated IT services to the clinical community in the United States (and worldwide), with the medical practice management tool Healthland EMR being a significant feature in this list. According to a high-level examination, the software has excellent capabilities for managing your medical business process and easily preserving patient information.

Healthland has achieved several breakthroughs in its portfolio of clinical management solutions in terms of healthcare process facilitation throughout the years. For example, they have developed the cloud-based Healthland Centriq System to meet the special needs of small community hospitals, a pioneering effort in terms of the digital convenience offered in the field.

Thrive EHR Features

Efficient communication 

Improving your practice’s communication channels is one method to accelerate its productivity growth. On this front, the internal features of Healthland Centriq EMR are extremely useful in clinical settings. To begin, the software promotes open lines of communication among clinicians, nurses, administrators, and personnel. As a result, everyone in the workflow environment is always aware of the most recent state of any problems that need to be resolved.

Customizable dashboard

Thrive’s reviews published on multiple online platforms constantly praise the EMR’s easy dashboard, which allows users to stay on top of everything that has to be done. Furthermore, the feature can be customized to meet the demands of any individual user. Its design is highly adaptable, allowing for numerous alterations. You can also save frequently used settings as ‘favorites’ (a quick access option) to retrieve them again later, saving time easily.

Integrated practice management

Taking care of patients and filling out paperwork are only two aspects of running a successful clinic. When you sign up for Healthland EMR, you will gain access to resources that will make running your facility a breeze. The software’s ‘schedule generation,’ ‘payroll processing,’ and ‘record-keeping’ functions are just a few of the numerous ways it aids in the systematization of the clinical workflow.

Thrive EHR Pricing and Demo

Thrive offers its pricing to you once you reach out to them. It isn’t mentioned publicly. Similarly, you can let their experts help you with a demo as well, which is available for all.

Thrive EHR Reviews

It is widely mentioned as a general pro on many platforms by users that the application is compatible with and can be integrated into a wide range of third-party apps; there is no need to install any additional software. For the vast majority of customers, the solution is economically priced. To maintain the software up to date, the vendor delivers periodic upgrades.

EpicCare Vs. Thrive Software—Final Thoughts

Here’s a quick breakdown of both the software so you may have ease in picking the best software for you. Thrive is beneficial since it helps you, as a clinical administrator/worker, to complete tasks more quickly. You’ll be able to make more timely decisions affecting the clinic and its patients. Everyone benefits when employees can interact more effectively with one another, which is easy with Thrive. When it comes to EpicCare, its MyChart feature definitely stands out with its numerous benefits; it is a simple way to contact the doctor regardless of your location. It also lets you use your portal to assist your family members. Price-wise, Thrive offers more options, so you may see what fits your budget more efficiently. Finally, it is entirely up to your own better understanding of the needs of your practice and how to select the software that covers most of your demands.

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