Top 5 Video Edits for Creating Memorable Wedding Videos

Making Memorable Wedding Videos: 5 Simple Edits

The wedding day is one of the most significant days in our lives. Well, at least for people planning to get married. It’s something that children, especially little girls, imagine and dream about from early childhood. That’s why planning the best wedding and creating the most memorable wedding video is crucial.

However, you can’t create a unique and memorable video simply by pointing the camera and filming. Hiring professional videographers and editors for cinematic wedding video editing is the best course of action.

Below are some of the best edits to take your wedding videos to the next level. Read ahead if you’re interested in improving your editing skills or creating your perfect wedding video.


One of the most common video edits for weddings is a montage. Just because they’re mainstream doesn’t mean adding them is wrong, and they can make for a fantastic wedding video.

Couples often use photographs from the beginning of their relationship. Pairing them with photos from the wedding can create an excellent timeline of their love story.

Montages can even include baby and childhood photos of the couple. If there is a record of when the couple met, it can also add to the montage.

However, montages aren’t limited to just photos. You could add a few short videos and let an excellent videographer do wonders. If they do it correctly, it can add to the humor aspect that can help create a memorable wedding video.


Interviews can also be fun to add to a wedding video. They can excellently capture emotions from the couple, friends, and family. The couple’s friends and family can add a personal touch to the story, which makes for a beautiful wedding edit.

Choosing a perfect location and relaxing your interviewees is the most challenging part of interviews. Make sure to choose a quiet area for the best audio quality.

Interviews on the wedding day are rare; a videographer usually conducts them before or after the wedding. If you decide to add them to your wedding video, think of a few open-ended questions in advance. Otherwise, friends and family might be unable to open up and tell engaging stories.


Sometimes, nothing interesting happens, no matter how long you’ve been filming. However, you don’t have to throw away these clips. You can make them attractive yourself.

Using a time-lapse technique, you can condense these long, dull periods. It will create short, fast, and interesting visual segments. Time will move fast, and the change of colors can be gorgeous.

You could place a few cameras at your wedding to record the whole thing. For example, one camera can film the entrance, showing guests arriving. Another can film the ceremony. These can make for excellent video edits that are bound to improve your wedding video.

Just make sure that your time-lapse cameras are stable. We recommend investing in a few tripods.

Slow motion

Another trendy edit people often add to wedding videos is slow motion. It’s a technique opposite of time-lapse. Instead of condensing a long video into a faster-moving in, you’re slowing it down.

Moments such as the couple’s kiss at the altar, their first dance, or sparklers on the cake are ideal for slow motion. You can perfectly capture many candid moments from the wedding.

Creating slow-motion videos often requires a decent-quality camera. However, phones have become so advanced that you can easily do it on a budget. It’s also crucial to be mindful of the audio, as it will slow down. The best thing to do to audio in slow-motion shots is to mute it or add a song. It brings us to another critical edit.


People often forget that audio is just as critical as video regarding editing. It can massively add to the emotional aspect of your wedding video. It’s crucial to pay attention to it, especially during slow-motion videos.

Your interviews could completely fail if you don’t get clear audio. Make sure to deal with noise reduction and enhance the audio in those edits.

On the other hand, you shouldn’t overdo your audio enhancements either. The audio should stay as close to the original as possible.

There are two crucial things to deal with when it comes to audio. One is making sure that the voices are crystal-clear when necessary. The other is adding songs or audio effects for slow motion and time-lapse.


With a few simple edits, creating unique wedding videos can be a piece of cake. The mix of slow motion, time-lapse, and montages can create an emotional video that truly captures the wedding day.

Adding these quick and easy edits to your wedding video can do wonders. It will create a humorous and memorable wedding video that you can watch years later and still feel every emotion.

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