ECS 2023 Nuremberg

Paint your brand in the colour of success at ECS 2023 Nuremberg

The European Coatings Show is a biannual global coatings and paints exhibition, which was canceled in 2021 due to health risks from Covid-19. But the ECS 2023 Nuremberg is around the corner. It is an important meeting point for the coatings and paints industry. From 27 to 28 March 2023 in Nuremberg, you can find out about the latest trends and technologies in the manufacture of paints, varnishes, sealants, construction chemicals, and adhesives. The European Coatings Show Nuremberg 2023 covers all aspects of paint, coatings and construction chemicals manufacturing.

Appeal of the ECS exhibit

  • The ECS exhibit expects exhibitors and visitors from over 120 countries. The next edition of the ECS is expected to welcome more than 31,000 exhibition visitors and more than 1,200 exhibitors worldwide. During the European Congress, innovation leaders and decision-makers discuss the latest developments in adhesives, raw materials, pigments, additives, semi-finished products for construction chemicals, and laboratory and production equipment ECS 2023 Nuremberg.
  • The wide range of products at the European Coatings Show Nuremberg 2023 includes raw materials for coatings, printing inks and adhesives, chemical laboratory and production equipment, control and measurement equipment, environmental protection applications, and health and safety services.
  • With over 1,100 exhibitors, ECS 2023 is the most efficient way to discover the latest market. It is a must-attend exhibition for professionals in the coatings and paints industry. The ECS exhibit is very useful because it allows you to meet key players in the sector, discuss new techniques and gain visibility. So make a note of your presence at the exhibition in your diaries!!

Why be a part of ECS 2023 Nuremberg?

The exhibitors of the ECS 2023 Nuremberg are users of coatings from the aerospace, marine, construction, machinery and automotive industries. The product range at the European Coatings Show and Summit, the European Coatings Show Conference program, corresponds 100% to the needs of the coatings market. Formulators of coatings, paints, printing inks, adhesives and sealants, and construction chemicals are looking for suitable raw materials, systems and technologies.

In addition, the European Coatings Show Nuremberg 2023 also includes 5 short courses, 20 sessions and 120 individual presentations. As an exhibitor at the European Coatings Show, you can be sure that you are meeting the right decision-makers. Meetings, deadlines and costs: stresses that programmer and process managers often face in their day-to-day work; they don’t have time to think in detail about the surfaces of tomorrow. These training seminars will give you all the tools you need to broaden your horizons.

Join the show to meet industry specialists

  • Present your groundbreaking innovations and discuss new trends and technologies at eye level with specialists. The ECS 2023 Nuremberg is becoming more and more popular among professionals yearly. One thousand two hundred exhibitors and 31,000 ECS exhibit visitors have confirmed their participation in the next edition.
  • The European Coatings Show 2023 offers companies countless opportunities to present their products in the strongest retail market. Visitors want to meet the crème de la crème at European exhibitions demonstration of coatings. In addition, participants can meet professionals from all departments of the interested industry and learn about all future trends in the market.
  • You can discuss the possibilities of new colour formulations, get updates on the latest process and equipment technologies and have fun exchanging ideas with your colleagues. A wide range of products from the most renowned industrial sectors will be presented at the fair such as coating raw materials, printing ink raw materials, adhesive raw materials, construction intermediates, laboratory and chemical production equipment, testing and measuring equipment, environmental protection services, and environment and occupational safety.

Other attractions of the ECS 2023 Nuremberg

More than 90% of them participate in their company’s purchasing decisions. The European Coatings Show, plus adhesives, sealants, and construction chemicals in Nuremberg, is the leading exhibition for the international paint and coatings industry. So please take the opportunity to build up and convince an expert network in Nuremberg decision-makers about the advantages of their products and solutions in a personal atmosphere.

The exhibitors provide information about the production of lacquers, paints, sealants, construction chemicals and adhesives. Nuremberg’s technology location is located in the heart of Europe and can be reached easily and quickly via the European motorway, rail and air network. International experts at the European Coatings Congress meet to exchange information at the highest level. The exhibition centre and the old town are only a few minutes away by public transport from the main train station and the airport. It is mainly used to strengthen academic exchanges and industrial cooperation with academic science.

Want to grow your brand?

If yes, let yourself be enchanted by the unique atmosphere of this thousand-year-old city, famous worldwide for its craftsmanship in the Middle Ages and which still values ​​this heritage today, e.g. in the competence centre for new materials Nuremberg Metropolitan Region.

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