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Review of Disposable Vaginal Speculum With Light

I have on occasion, but it wasn’t until recently that I began to seriously consider it. My companion and I had spoken about getting a disposable vaginal speculum since the idea of looking within my vagina piqued his interest. I had previously connected the speculum with unpleasant medical examinations, but I could imagine all the pleasurable ways such a simple item could be utilized for sexual pleasure.

Uberkinky happened to be looking for someone to review the disposable vaginal speculum with illumination. I took advantage of the chance and awaited the arrival of my new toy with bated breath.

Disposable Vaginal Speculum Product Specifications

The Disposable Vaginal Speculum is a bi-valve (duck bill-shaped) vaginal speculum that dilates the vaginal canal and provides a clear view within. When you close the speculum, the two curved blades form a smooth, hollow tube. After inserting the tube into your vagina, continue adjusting the speculum so that the two blades move apart (picture a duck’s beak opening up). As the blades open, mild pressure is applied to the vaginal walls, enlarging the canal and opening you up.

  • At some point, you should be able to see directly down the center of the speculum.
  • The disposable vaginal speculum is composed of clear Perspex and is intended to be discarded. I’ve used it several times and cleaned it carefully between uses, but this is a personal choice
  • If you intend to use the speculum more than once, avoid scratching the Perspex material, as this may provide a breeding ground for bacteria.
  • There are three sizes of disposable vaginal speculum available for purchase (small, medium, and large). I’m looking at the medium, which has a beak insertable length of about 4 inches. The distance between the two blades is 3.5 inches at full strain.
  • The disposable vaginal speculum, like most speculums, can be adjusted to match your body. A ratchet mechanism allows you to adjust this speculum in two different ways.
  • When you click the bottom button, a little tooth emerges from the ratchet mechanism, allowing you to slide the blades closer together or further away. When you make changes with the bottom button, the speculum’s tip and base remain at equal distances apart (Imagine a vice opening up).
  • The top button operates in the same manner as the bottom button, except this adjustment causes the blades to expand at an angle (picture a duck’s beak opening up).
  • A small torch light has been attached to the disposable vaginal speculum to help improve visibility. A small red button located at the base of the speculum can be used to switch the light on and off. Unfortunately, the battery compartment is integrated into the speculum’s base, making removal exceedingly difficult, if not impossible.
  • After all, the disposable vaginal speculum is a disposable speculum, so I presume the manufacturer didn’t think of the requirement to reach the battery compartment. The light will eventually run out of power, and it is unlikely that you will be able to get it running again.

My Observations on the Disposable Vaginal Speculum

I’m probably stating the obvious, but the disposable vaginal speculum is primarily intended to serve a purpose. It was not intended to be pleasurable in and of itself, so it was not surprising that insertion seemed clinical. The mediums speculum isn’t very enormous (I’ve inserted many larger sex toys), but I had to use a lot of lube and take my time using it.

  • When I rushed, the blades rubbed across my vaginal wall, causing an unpleasant scratching feeling.
  • I began exploring the adjustable features with the speculum inserted. Because of the location and shape of the buttons, adjusting the speculum manually can be a little fiddly/awkward.
  • I couldn’t see what I was doing or whether I had managed to lock the buttons in place from my vantage point above. This method became easier with repetition (and the occasional use of a mirror).
  • I couldn’t figure out why the speculum could be adjusted in two different ways at first. After all, both strategies seemed to elicit identical sensations and provide equivalent interior perspectives.
  • The more I thought about it, the more possibilities I came up with until I finally arrived at the most obvious conclusion: if your uterus is tilted, you may need to expand the speculum further to find your cervix.
  • In this case, the angled, duck beak adjustment may be preferable, as it will open the back of your vaginal canal wider while avoiding overstretching your vaginal entrance. In other words, you can use the two separate adjustments to find the most comfortable position for the blades while still getting the finest view inside.
  • The speculums allowed me to see the inside of my vaginal canal. I even got to see my cervix for the first time. The light is also a great bonus. It improved visibility in the best of circumstances and was essential in a darkly lit environment.
  • The disposable vaginal speculum performed just as planned. I quickly found myself putting it to use in a variety of ways. Here are a few examples:
  • Self-Examination
  • When I use the speculum by myself, it doesn’t arouse me, but it comes in handy for inspecting the interior of my vagina. I have a contraceptive coil placed, and the speculum allows me to check the strings without fumbling around with my fingers. The overall scenery captivated me as well.
  • I’d never seen it inside my vagina before, but now I could see the different textures and folds.


The Speculum works well as a predicament device because the wearer feels vulnerable and exposed while unable to act. You can use this in a variety of ways, from medical scenarios to humiliation scenes. If you and your spouse enjoy this form of mental teasing, you should consider investing in a speculum.


The disposable vaginal speculum is a low-cost disposable speculum, therefore don’t anticipate good construction quality. The curved blades could be smoother because they can be scratchy at times. The ratchet mechanism is also not the smoothest, occasionally jolting/rumbling. When this happens, I get a sharp pinching feeling as the blades click into a new position.

This usually happens when I rush through things, so I recommend taking your time (especially if you are using this speculum on your partner). As previously stated, the batteries will run out of juice and the light will cease to function. I’ve used the speculum four times already, and the light is still on.


The disposable vaginal speculum isn’t the most luxurious on the market, and it won’t last forever, but it does the job and I had fun playing with it. I would recommend it to individuals who are interested in roleplaying and want to try out a low-cost speculum before committing to something more permanent/expensive. If you already enjoy this type of play and want a sturdy, long-lasting speculum, you should look at Uberkinky’s metal speculums.

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