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The Best Dog Training Facilities in Bangkok

Bangkok is a great city for dogs, with a huge number of dog-friendly restaurants, parks and green spaces. But getting out and exploring with your dog can be tricky, especially when it comes to finding space to exercise him.

Luckily, there are a few great places to take your dog for dog training in Bangkok. Whether you’re looking for a beginner’s obedience course or a more advanced class, there are several options to choose from!

Camp K-9 Bangkok

Camp K-9 Bangkok is a dog training and boarding facility that is committed to providing the highest quality care possible for all of its dogs. It is staffed by dog-loving care staff and trained by professional trainers with decades of experience in obedience training, resolving behavior problems such as fear and aggression issues, companion protection, and service dog certification. It has three different types of training classes: Group Training, One-on-One and Board & Train.

The One-on-One program is a private lesson with our trainer for your dog. This class provides a more focused and individual approach to your dog’s training needs and goals, as the dog’s owner and trainer will be working closely together. During this class, your dog will receive 30 minutes of one on one training with a certified and experienced dog trainer. This class is ideal for owners who are looking for a more comprehensive training program, as it will give your dog the opportunity to learn the basics of obedience as well as socialization.

Zoeta Dogsoul

The first of its kind in Bangkok, Zoeta Dogsoul is a cage-free dog daycare and pup hostel that gives your pet a home away from home. The dogs stay together in a large, mixed group and are monitored by specially trained staff all around the clock. During the day, they can enjoy exciting activities that involve fun, exercise, and skill-building. This is an ideal place for your poochy to socialize, learn new skills, and get some rest.

A good pet care service will provide your dog with a variety of high-quality services including a comprehensive health and fitness program to make them happy, healthy, and fit. They will also have a large selection of qualified pet sitters available to meet all your needs. In fact, you can even hire a professional pet sitter to come and stay in your home while you are away. This is the most practical and convenient way to keep your dog happy while you are away on holiday or for business.

Jojo House Dog Master

Jojo House Dog Master is a show that uses claymation to teach basic lessons. These lessons include personal hygiene, responsible behavior, and safety. In addition to teaching these lessons, Jojo House Dog Master also includes a lot of animal action.

For example, Jojo House Dog Master has a pet snake named Bal Boa who likes to tease the kids by doing a trance dance. The snake is very sneaky and often teases the kids into doing things that they’re not supposed to do.

In one episode, Bal Boa is teasing Jojo by making her draw number and letter shapes on his snake, and the kids are very susceptible to Bal Boa’s charms. Eventually, the kids are able to control their anger and resist Bal Boa’s tempting ways. In another episode, the children learn to play with their pets. This episode is also the first time that Goliath’s class dog, Hogan, has a birthday party. The birthday boy is Goliath’s cousin, Charlie.


Bangkok has a lot to offer dogs and their owners, with numerous dog-friendly cafes, parks and bars. But with a hot and humid climate, it’s important to keep your pet hydrated.

The best way to do this is by making sure they have access to a cool spot and some ice-cold water. In addition, you can also try bringing a portable cooling device with you when you go for a stroll or a game of fetch in the park.


SCAD, which stands for Soi Cat and Dog Rescue, is a nonprofit organization that helps Bangkok’s abandoned cats and dogs. They provide spay/neuter services, veterinary health care and adoption programs.

Scad also offers boarding and training facilities. Their training services include obedience, protection and companion protection, as well as resolving behavioral problems.

One of their biggest challenges is the huge population of stray cats and dogs in Thailand. Many of these animals are in poor physical and mental health, with a high risk of rabies.

They rely on donations and fundraisers to keep their doors open. Currently, the organization needs US$40,000 to relocate from their current home.

Aside from their animal welfare work, SCAD has a number of talented designers. They recently swept the student category at the UX Awards Summit, which honors innovators in digital products and services. Students earned gold-level awards for a mobile app and user-friendly solution that helps physical therapy patients feel more engaged in their treatment.

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