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The digital health industry is rapidly evolving

COVID-19 altered the digital health and virtual home care landscape. Prior to the pandemic, few participants utilized the telehealth services their insurance plans offered. The usage of telehealth increased by 154 percent in the final week of March 2020 compared to the same week in March 2019. During the pandemic, Medicare telehealth utilization increased by 63%, according to Department of Health and Human Services research. Digital health enterprises can capitalize on the fast changing landscape of virtual care and the rising consumer acceptance of digital health projects.

Intelligent digital health leaders have cracked the code on essential aspects of virtual care

In the new virtual care landscape, many digital healthcare firms, including telemedicine treatment and psychiatry, pharmacy services, and other prescription and over-the-counter drug services, have already achieved remarkable success. Talkspace offers a psychiatry network whose experts can prescribe drugs for mental wellness. Capsule Pharmacy allows patients to manage medication renewals and new prescriptions over the phone and provides home delivery. Through a telemedicine platform, wellness companies like Hims & Hers increase access to specific drugs. The worldwide digital health industry is anticipated to reach USD 295.4 billion by 2028.

Existing obstacles hinder the usefulness of digital health advancements

Incomplete virtual care cycles impede the expansion of digital health enterprises, notwithstanding their rapid expansion. 70% of medical choices today are based on laboratory test results. To sell products depending on lab results or other medical services, digital health enterprises must incorporate lab testing. However, requiring clients to attend a conventional lab interrupts the otherwise entirely virtual treatment cycle. How can digital health enhance results if it relies on antiquated techniques to obtain patient samples? Adapting telehealth platforms to support home diagnostics can be of tremendous advantage to digital health enterprises.

Home diagnostics can go us everywhere

Home diagnostics have the potential to revolutionize virtual care when paired with digital health enterprises. Customers can access digital health goods and services to complete the care cycle at home. At Ash Wellness, we manufacture white-labeled sample collection kits for urine, serum, faeces, and blood. Our in-house lab API enables us to provide users with over 120 diagnostic tests that are ready to be paired with goods, without the need for many cumbersome lab connections. We offer physician of record services in all states to expeditiously approve at-home diagnostics. Our billing and payer management services enable your clients to bill the majority of major insurers and Medicaid/Medicare in 46 states. We assist our digital health and virtual care partners in transitioning to fully remote diagnostic testing at home.

Ash Wellness is a healthcare acceleration accelerator. In a couple of weeks, we assist digital health enterprises in adopting at-home diagnostic testing. Schedule a conversation time.

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